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The desire to take on challenges has become a habit. The lessons at the school and at management studies taught me to take the circumstances and conditions head on, which became a part of life. Be it management or fellow colleagues or negotiations with unions, vendors or parties the habit of taking it head on and swimming through the troubled waters has made me strong, confident, motivated self-belief personality.  Three violent strikes one after other in various industries gave the utmost self-confidence to handle things.

The thought of an executive search firm struck me during a discussion, about senior managements concern over performances and right selection of candidates.

It has been my aspiration to have my own executive search firm. Having successfully headed and handled the HR/IR function in manufacturing, service & hospitality industries over 28 years experiencing  the processes, challenges of talent management & search at top, middle and junior positions, I am well aware of the challenges faced by organization in hunting and placing a right and suitable candidate at the opportune time.

HR/IR issues & exigencies in the units delayed it until recently. This desire to launch my own firm came true when the management, with great difficulty, released me to venture for my dreams which I have been waiting to do.

I am committed and passionate to support the industry to mitigate the challenges faced in finding the perfect fit.

As the legacy goes on, I once again raft in todays troubled waters.  It is a challenge in the given time and situation, but the dream comes true with the inception of JOB MATTERS.


Manoj Paranjape

1st September 2020

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